Non-Contractual Services Offered

We Offer the Following for a Reasonable Fee:

Healthy wildlife that does not fall under the municipality's responsibility (Any rooms in your house that are not considered the immediate living space, as well as finished basements, sheds, under or on decks, in barns, and commercial buildings)

Wild animal release on property (set free from trap/remove from trash)

Deceased wild animal removal from property

Moving deceased deer to curb (Town's pick up service would need to pick up from there)

Removing animal from Fireplace (below flue)

We are only allowed to remove and relocate outside of the residence/building. Anything we can't help with, we suggest the following that are licensed to remove nuisance wildlife:

(Wildlife removal companies in the area: Wildlife Control Specialists, Clinton 908-758-6572. Garden State Wildlife Control, Franklin, Sussex County, 973 896-8181)

Pet Surrender

Ambulance Service: (Transport owned pets to Veterinarian)

Note- Owner is responsible to make arrangements with the facility before hand, or follow the ACO there.

Back up Animal Control services for municipalities

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